Reinforced Earth Wall (RE Wall)

Reinforced Earth Wall (RE Wall): Design, Construction, and Failure Analysis.

What is a Reinforced Earth Wall (RE Wall)?

A Reinforced Earth Wall (RE Wall) is a gravity retaining wall system that consists of three main elements: precast concrete panels, reinforced earth fill, and reinforcement material. It is designed to resist the lateral pressure exerted by retained soil or other loads while maintaining stability and preventing excessive deformation.

Reinforced Earth Wall (RE Wall)
Reinforced Earth Wall (RE Wall)

 Elements of Reinforced Soil Wall

Precast RE Panel

Reinforced Earth Fill

Drainage Media/Filter Media

Reinforcement Material

Testing for RE Wall Construction

During RE Wall construction, various tests are conducted to ensure the quality and integrity of the structure, which typically includes.

  • Compaction Testing
  • Compaction tests are performed regularly to verify the density and moisture content of the backfill material. This ensures proper compaction and the achievement of desired engineering properties.
  • Pullout Testing
  • Pullout tests are conducted to assess the bond strength between the reinforcement material and the fill material. 
  • These tests verify the efficiency of the reinforcement system and its ability to withstand applied loads.


Reinforced Earth Wall Construction Sequence

  1. Excavation
  2. Placement of Filter Media
  3. Placing of Reinforcement
  4. Backfill Placement
  5. Precast Panel Installation
  6. Friction Slab Installation
  7. Compaction of Reinforced Fill

Causes of Failure of Reinforced Earth Wall

While properly designed and constructed RE Walls offer exceptional performance, several factors can contribute to their failure:

  1. Poor Drainage
  2. Insufficient Compaction
  3. Reinforcement Failure
  4. Environmental Factors

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