Forensic Investigations

The primary objective of forensic investigations is to understand the reasons behind the failure, identify potential risks, and develop appropriate remediation measures to prevent future failures.

  • Forensic investigations – analysis and assessment of failures, accidents, or unexpected geotechnical behavior
  • Dam failures – catastrophic consequences, resulting in loss of life and property damage
  • Purpose – To determine the cause of failure and suggest suitable remedial measures

Preliminary site visits, borehole investigations, profiling, laboratory testing, small-scale modeling and further analysis to determine possible cause of failure. Our experience in handling the projects related to post failure investigations of Khandeswarwadi dam and Manjra dam enables us to deliver the most reliable solutions.

What happened?

Khandeswarwadi dam is situated in the Khandeswarwadi region of Osmanabad district.

Initially, longitudinal cracks appeared on the surface of the dam, and visible moisture was observed.

Eventually, the subsidence of the dam led to the complete collapse of its downstream side.

This called for a detailed investigation to evaluate the reasons for failure and to suggest suitable remedial measures.

Investigation planned

Site investigation is planned through a series of boreholes, trial pits and dam profiling.

Following this, laboratory studies are conducted to evaluate the soil properties.

Model studies are conducted in laboratory to understand the reason for failure.

Khandeswarwadi Dam 

Inferences obtained

Based on site investigations, laboratory studies, and model studies, a detailed analysis is done to comprehend the reasons for failure.

Suitable remedial measures are sugested for the stability of the dam.

Gangapur Percolation Tank

The post failure investigation of Gangapur percolation tank comprises investigation through a series of borehole investigations (8 no.s) and trial pits (8 no.s).

The failure of the tank was analyzed through field studies, material characterization through laboratory studies and further analysis.

Suitable remedial measures are further suggested for the  repair of the existing percolation tank. Dr. Abhinav Mane’s invaluable experience and guidance empowered our engineers to carry out site works and laboratory studies with enhanced efficiency. As a result, we were able to offer the most practical, feasible, and cost-effective solution for the challenge at hand.

Manjara dam

The case study of Manjara dam includes a visible failure of the dam section.

The post-failure investigation of Manjara dam is conducted through a series of investigations encompassing 18 boreholes and 18 trial pits.

The investigation is followed by laboratory and model studies to interpret the failure and suggest suitable remedial measures.

The experience of Dr. Abhinav Mane and his guidance enabled our engineers to execute the site works and laboratory model studies more effectively, so that we could provide the most feasible, viable and economical solution for the actual field problem.

Why Forensic Investigation

At VGeotech Experts, with our extensive background in analyzing the causes behind the failures of earthen dams, we have established ourselves as the foremost provider of forensic investigation services. Under the guidance of Dr. Abhinav Mane, our team utilizes his expertise and research experience to conduct laboratory model studies, enabling us to accurately predict dam failures and assess the underlying factors responsible for such incidents. In addition, we go beyond the evaluation of dam failures and also offer comprehensive remedial measures. Drawing upon our expertise and research findings, we provide valuable recommendations to address the identified causes of failures. Our aim is to not only understand the reasons behind the failures but also to propose effective solutions that can prevent future incidents and enhance the overall safety and stability of earthen dams.

Building upon our experience and expertise, our team has successfully undertaken post-failure investigation studies for notable projects such as the Khandeswarwadi dam, Manjra dam, and Gangapur percolation tank. Through these extensive investigations, we have accurately identified the underlying causes of failure and, in turn, offered effective solutions to address the specific challenges encountered. Our track record of providing accurate failure analysis coupled with practical remedial measures positions us as a trusted partner in ensuring the resilience and longevity of earthen dam structures.