Geotechnical investigation is the process of assessing soil and rock properties to understand their behavior and stability for engineering purposes.

Geotechnical investigation helps to:

  • Assess the safety and stability of existing structures,
  • Evaluate site suitability for a particular project and
  • Design and construction of various structures, including foundations, tunnels, and dams.

 At VGeotech Experts, we offer specialized expertise in

  • Site investigations and laboratory testing
  • Recommendations for design and construction
  • Risk assessment and remedial measures

We ensure compliance with regulatory standards for environmental studies, geological surveys, and disaster risk management.

Geotechnical Explorations (Borehole, trial pit)

Geotechnical explorations involve drilling boreholes or digging pits to obtain soil and rock samples for analysis, aiding in foundation design.

Purpose of geotechnical exploration

  • Investigation of physical and mechanical properties of the soil and rock at a site through subsurface investigations.
  • Crucial for projects in areas with complex soil and rock formations or risk of natural disasters.
  • Used to measure the thermal resistance of soils or backfill materials required for underground transmission lines, oil and gas pipelines, radioactive waste disposal, and solar thermal storage facilities.
  • Decision making on foundation design and other critical parameters for various construction projects

At VGeotech Experts, we provide specialized expertise and equipment for accurate and safe investigations. 


Sampling (Disturbed, Undisturbed)

Soil sampling is essential to design safe and efficient structures, identify potential geologic hazards such as landslides, liquefaction, and sinkholes, and determine the appropriate foundation type and construction techniques for the project.

There are two types of sampling methods used in geotechnical investigations: disturbed and undisturbed sampling.

  • Disturbed sampling involves collecting soil samples that have been altered from their natural state during the sampling process.
  • Undisturbed sampling involves collecting soil samples that retain their natural structure and properties

Significance of soil sampling

  • Crucial in geotechnical engineering – collecting soil and rock specimens to analyse their properties, including strength, density, moisture content, and composition
  • Essential for a wide range of construction projects, including buildings, bridges, dams, and tunnels or where there is a risk of natural disasters such as earthquakes or landslides
  • Design safe and efficient structures, identify potential geologic hazards, and determine the appropriate foundation type and construction techniques for the project.

Testing (Laboratory, Field testing)

Laboratory and field testing are essential in geotechnical engineering as they provide important data for designing safe and efficient structures. The results of laboratory and field testing help to design appropriate foundation types and construction techniques, assess the stability of slopes and embankments, and evaluate the potential for soil settlement, liquefaction, and other geologic hazards.

Geotechnical engineering relies on laboratory and field testing to design safe structures.

  • Laboratory testing is done in a controlled environment to analyze the properties of soil and rock samples

  • Field testing is done at the construction site to obtain data on soil and rock properties.

  • Accurate sampling and testing are critical for obtaining information on soil and rock properties that are vital in designing foundations, retaining walls, and other structures.

At VGeotech Experts, we have a team of experienced geotechnical engineers and technicians who perform safe and accurate tests, interpret results, and provide recommendations for foundation design and soil improvement, applicable to various construction projects.


Comprehensive consulting

Comprehensive consulting involves providing in-depth and multifaceted advice to clients pertaining to initial site investigations, feasibility studies, design, construction, to minimize risk, maximize efficiency, and achieve project success.

Comprehensive Consulting – Significance

  • Wide range of services to assist clients in the planning, design, and construction of their projects. 
  • Site investigations, laboratory and field testing, foundation design, soil improvement, and construction supervision.
  • Avoid unexpected problems during construction and ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

At VGeotech Experts, the knowledge of our Managing Director, Dr. Abhinav Mane PhD from IIT Bombay, enables us to provide comprehensive consulting with expertise and necessary experience.