WMM Designs

WMM Designs

In this article, we discussed what is WMM, its purpose, and its significance.

It stands for wet mix macadam.

It consists of laying, spreading, and compacting clean, crushed, well-graded granular materials on a prepared and approved Granular sub-Base. 

Wet Mix Macadam

The material is well mixed with water and rolled to a dense mass. It shall be laid on one or more layers as per line and level grade.

It is used because WMM uses more closely graded material, hence more stable. Components are mixed in the mixing plant before spreading of the mix, making the laying operation simpler & faster.

The significance of WMM designs lies in their ability to provide a stable and durable road surface that can withstand traffic loads, resist moisture-induced damage, and facilitate proper drainage. 

Properly designed and constructed WMM layers contribute to the overall strength, longevity, and performance of road infrastructure. It is important to adhere to design specifications and construction guidelines to achieve the desired quality and reliability of WMM layers.

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