Rebound hammer

Rebound Hammer Test

Rebound Hammer Test

In this article, I discussed Rebound Hammer Test in detail which includes the procedure and interpretation of results.

The Rebound Hammer test, as described in IS-13311 Part – 2, is another non-destructive testing method used to estimate the strength and uniformity of concrete surfaces. 

Rebound hammer test

    Rebound hammer test

It provides a quick and convenient assessment of the surface hardness of concrete.

The test involves the following procedures 

1. Equipment Setup

The main equipment used in this test is a rebound hammer, also known as a Schmidt hammer. 

The rebound hammer consists of a spring-loaded mass that impacts the concrete surface, and a measuring scale to read the rebound value.

2. Calibration

Before conducting the test, the rebound hammer needs to be calibrated using a calibration anvil. 

The anvil has a specific hardness against which the hammer is tested to ensure accurate measurements.

3. Test Procedure

The rebound hammer is held perpendicular to the concrete surface, and the plunger on the hammer is pressed against the surface with a specified force. The hammer is then released, and the rebound distance is measured on the scale provided.

4. Data Collection

Multiple readings are taken at various locations on the concrete surface to account for any variations. 

The rebound values are recorded for each measurement.

5. Interpretation

The rebound values obtained from the test are compared to a standardized conversion chart provided by the manufacturer of the rebound hammer. 

This chart correlates the rebound values to an estimated compressive strength of the concrete. 

Higher rebound values generally indicate higher concrete strength, while lower rebound values may indicate lower strength or potential defects.

Average Rebound NumberQuality of Concrete
> 40Very Good Hard Layer
30 to 40Good Layer
20 to 30Fair
< 20Poor Concrete

At Vgeotech Experts we perform Rebound hammer test on the sites. By adhering to the IS code and utilizing the appropriate and sophisticated equipment,  With the able guidance of Dr. Abhinav Mane, Chief Consultant of Vgeotech Experts, our engineers were capable of delivering site-specific and client-specific needs with accuracy and precision.

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