Pavement design

Pavement design

In this article, We discussed pavement design, its purpose, and the process of pavement design in short.

Pavement design is the process of determining the appropriate thickness, materials, and construction specifications for roads, highways, parking lots, and other paved surfaces. 

It involves considering various factors such as traffic loads, climate conditions, soil properties, and expected service life to ensure the safe and efficient performance of the pavement structure.


Pavement design aims to provide safe, comfortable, and durable transportation surfaces that can withstand the expected traffic loads and environmental conditions. 

The process of pavement design typically includes the following steps

  1. Design inputs
  2. Traffic analysis
  3. Subgrade evaluation
  4. Material selections
  5. Pavement structure design 
  6. Drainage design
  7. Construction specifications
  8. Construction and quality control
  9. Maintenance and Rehabilitation

Under the guidance of Dr. Abhinav Mane, VGeotech Experts has leveraged its extensive experience in pavement design, which has proven instrumental in our success. This expertise empowers us to consistently deliver superior results with remarkable accuracy.

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