Conducting Plate Load Test on Site in Lonavala, Maharashtra: Our Experiences

The current blog discusses about our experiences in conducting Plate load test at Lonavala, Maharashtra


Embarking on a journey to conduct plate load tests at a site in Lonavala, Maharashtra, provided an exhilarating experience of on-site exploration, technical collaboration, and problem-solving. After traveling 285 kilometers, our engineers reached the site.

Preparations for the Plate Load Test:

The team has began by conducting a detailed site assessment, measuring various parameters and identifying the necessary preparations required for the plate load test. They had discussed the specific challenges unique to the site and brainstormed potential solutions.

Technical Equipment and Setup:

The test is performed using a truss. The following technical equipment was crucial for accurate measurements:

1. Load Cell: To measure and record the magnitude of the applied load

2. Indicator: To display the load readings from the load cell

3. Dial Gauge with Magnetic Stand: To measure the settlement or deformation occurring in the soil as the load was applied

Test Execution:

The truss was set up at the test location and the load cell and indicator were attached. With the apparatus in place, the load was gradually applied while the deformations were recorded continuously at specific intervals.

Conducting plate load tests on the site in Lonavala, Maharashtra, has proved to be a remarkable technical adventure for our engineers. By adhering to the IS code and utilizing the appropriate technical equipment, our team have successfully executed two separate plate load tests, each providing valuable insights into the soil’s bearing capacity. With the able guidance of Dr. Abhinav Mane, Chief Consultant of VGeotech Experts, our engineers were capable of delivering site-specific and client-specific needs with accuracy and precision.

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