All about Pile foundation that you should know

What is a pile foundation, its purpose, and types of piles

In this article, I discussed pile foundations, their purpose, and the types of piles.

A pile foundation is a type of deep foundation in which the depth of the foundation is very large as compared to the width or diameter.

Purpose of pile foundation.

Pile foundations provide stability, resist uplift forces, control settlement, and reduce the risk of structural failure.

Pile foundation
Pile foundation

Use of pile foundation.

It is used in places where the soil condition is very bad and unable to take care of the load coming from the superstructure like loose sand, clay soil, etc., or when the depth of hard strata is very deep and it becomes difficult to provide the shallow foundation.

It is preferred when the load coming from the superstructure is very high. 

Types of Pile 

  • End bearing pile 
  • Friction pile
  • Timber pile 
  • Steel pile
  • Concrete pile
  • Fender pile
  • Batter pile
  • Compaction pile

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