Gabion wall design

Gabion wall design

Gabion walls are retaining structures made by stacking wire mesh baskets filled with stones or other suitable materials.

They are commonly used in civil engineering and landscaping projects to stabilize slopes, prevent erosion, and create attractive retaining walls

How To Build A Gabion Wall – Adding Gabion Baskets To Your Garden

Design considerations for Gabion walls

1. Site Assessment

2. Structural Design

Gabion walls rely on the combined strength of the wire mesh baskets and the internal fill material. The key design considerations include

  • Basket Selection
  • Wall Height and Batter
  • Internal Fill Material
  • Stability and Bearing Capacity

3. Drainage and Filtration

4. Geotextile Fabric

5. Connection and Reinforcement

6. Aesthetics and Vegetation

Remember, the design of gabion walls should comply with local  codes, regulations, and engineering practices. It is advisable to consult with a qualified structural engineer or a professional experienced in gabion wall design for a specific project to ensure safety and optimal performance.

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